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Contact Keepsake school pictures take the first step towards making your students and parents of students happier with their school pictures.

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So for every parent who sympathies, here’s 12 truths about school photographs and why you really must buy them.

1. Your child will only remind you it’s school photographs the morning they’re actually being taken. This is the morning you decide to put a nit treatment in their hair thus they will look like John Lennon and you will forever be explaining in years to come that, “Yes, sweetheart, it was my fault your picture was so horrible”.

2. At least twice during their childhood, they will be “that kid”. “That kid” is the one wearing socks when everyone else followed instructions to wear stockings. Or the kid wearing sports uniform. Or the one that looked spic and span when he left the house but decided to play soccer on the waterlogged oval in the 10 minutes before the bell rung.

3. The teachers always look really smiley and nice.

4. The tooth that has been wobbly for six weeks will always fall out the morning of school photos and so yours will be the kid looking demonic next to the Pollyanna in pigtails.

5. There is always one kid looking groom less. Once again, it’s yours.

6. You will always feel sorry for the kindly kid wearing glasses.
7. You know you shouldn’t but you’ll look at their class photo and wonder who will work for the United Nations.
8. Every year you vow to frame a picture. You never do. Instead you mail one to grandma and the rest languish with your tax receipts.
9. You harrumph each year at how much the packs cost and what you’ll do with 12 passport-sized photos that don’t actually fit the passport photo specifications, and another 10 photographs in varying sizes. You absolutely will not drop another $15 on a cup with their image imprinted on the outside because, well, you see their gorgeous face often enough anyway.
10. Your child hits puberty and you marvel at the wonders of photo shopping.   Every zit has been removed but your child is rendered so pale they look like they live in Iceland.
11. You know that one day your child will grow up and you’ll pull out all their school photos and they’ll laugh their heads off and you’ll feel super virtuous that you never hesitated in buying them.

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